Job Posting

KSU Wesley Foundation Assistant Campus Minister 

The assistant director shall assist the Wesley Foundation Campus Minister/Director in making disciples of  Jesus and raising up leaders at the Kentucky State University Wesley Foundation. The Assistant Director is to  first grow in his/her relationship with God. Then, the primary role will be to lead spiritually, plan  worship, disciple students, teach Bible studies, and complete administrative responsibilities.  


1. Actively pursuing a relationship with Jesus 

2. Evidence of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23) in your life 

3. A humble, teachable attitude 

4. Upstanding, biblical character according to United Methodist teaching, including: a. Be celibate in singleness (not sleeping with a boyfriend/girlfriend outside of  marriage or participating in casual sex) 

b. If you experience same-sex attraction, choose not to pursue a romantic same-sex  relationship 

c. Be faithful in marriage (not cheating on or abusive to spouse) 

d. Identify as your biological sex 

5. Relational ability, connectable with many kinds of people 

6. Reliability and trustworthiness 

7. Ability to be part of a team and work with volunteers 

8. Willingness to learn 

9. Leadership potential 

Responsibilities: (30-35 hours a week)  

1. Have regular personal time with Jesus 

2. Assist Director in praying for, planning, and implementing the ministry at Kentucky State  University 

3. Open communication with students and other staff 

4. Plan and coordinate worship 1-4 times each month 

5. Teach/Preach at Sundaze at least 1 time a month; teach in consonance with United  Methodist doctrine 

6. Attend weekly Sunday night ministry from 4:00-9:00 PM 

7. Disciple students through one-on-one mentoring and discipleship groups, meet with  students for 6 hours a week for discipleship 

8. Coordinate and teach Bible studies on Thursday nights 6:00-9:00 PM 

9. Complete administrative duties 

10. Assist in grant writing, reports, and fundraising 

11. Plan and coordinate meals for Sundaze, PB&J, and Leadership Academy 12. Attend spring and fall retreats and other special events as needed 

13. Assist in grant writing, reports, and fundraising 

14. Assist with monthly credit card reports and time sheets 

15. Create videos, flyers, and social media campaigns for ministry 

16. Coordinate cleaning of building 

17. Other duties as assigned or needed


Bachelor’s degree required, masters with some theological education preferred. Experience with  HBCUs and the HBCU experience a plus. 

Reports to 

1. Campus Minister/Executive Director 

2. KSU Wesley Board of Directors 

Employee Package 

Pay: $30,000 a year for 30-35 hours a week. The assistant director will be asked to send out  support letters to increase fundraising for his/her salary and ministry. Meals/coffee with students  will be reimbursed. May be required to work some holidays like Easter and Labor Day. As long as  the person fulfills duties and attends ministry events, all other hours are flexible, and some can be  worked from home. He/she will have an initial 90 day probationary period concerning the position,  with a followup meeting at the end of the 90 days with the Campus Minister and the Personnel  Committee of the Board of Directors to determine how things have been going and how everyone  would like to proceed. 


Position to begin August 2023. Send inquiries, resume, and cover letter to Applications due Wednesday, June 21st.